All photography provided by Simon Bennett

we are an organisation dedicated to offering you a low priced holiday with a high ranking factor of enjoyment.

We offer complete selective “packages” catered to you and your desires when it comes to enjoying yourself abroad. With one set price on each of our packages, we offer you all the main elements for a great holiday, “All Included”.

Our Mission

Here at Apollo Travel we take time to source the holidays we want to work with. It would be very easy to simply find a venue that looks good, has sufficient rooms, and is happy for us to operate it as an Exclusive Package to showcase. BUT, without digging deeper could we be certain that any such venue is right for our clientele?

We try out all of what we plan to offer customers so when we showcase it to the public they know it is worth it. Be that sending staff off on a cruise to try everything they want to include in the price, or the comfort of a vastly popular train, if we enjoy it so will you.
— Shane Palmer, CEO of Apollo Travel

How we work…

  • To ensure that we take on only those venues that are 100% ideal for our customers, we take the trouble to look deep.

  • Spending time speaking to the travel owners, ensuring that they are completely comfortable with the pricing and what we want to include to offer you the best holiday.

  • We conduct a thorough inspection of the facilities. We occupy rooms at random, checking that beds are comfortable, that everything they offer is as they should be. We inspect the kitchens, the bars, checking that there are no food hygiene or health and safety issues.

  • Anything that doesn’t meet true standard is discussed with the owners and changes are made until we know it is highly suitable for the customer to enjoy.